Business stage

Structure and strategy for all business life cycles

Big picture thinking for every business stage

AMG understands there’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to assisting businesses with their accounting and advisory needs. The services and support levels needed change dramatically depending on where we are in the business’ life cycle. One common consideration is having the ideal structure in place at each stage of the life of your business. This can help you save money, particularly when it comes to tax time. Of course, that means having the wrong structure in place could come at a great cost. It may also mean you could be operating a non-compliant entity with regard to statutory regulations.

AMG Accountants + Advisors are adept at identifying the structure, strategy and solutions needed for businesses at all phases of their development. We have decades of combined expertise in assisting SMEs throughout their journey from start-up and through growth and successful business sales.

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Understanding every business stage

Start Up or Buying a Business

Get the support and advice you need to set up a business and start on the right foot.
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Growing Your Business

As the business changes, so too should your financial plans, structure and processes.
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Your Exit Strategy

Selling or retiring, when you plan it well, you can enjoy a stress-free transition.
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