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If you’d like someone else to take care of the books, get in touch with AMG. Our experienced bookkeepers love working with numbers and can provide you with a diverse range of bookkeeping services. Our specialists will enhance your bookkeeping system, simplify processes and maximise efficiency with the right software add-ons for your needs.

We specialise in convenient, cloud-based accounting software Xero and can provide a full assessment of your needs to recommend, install and train you on the right software configuration for your unique circumstances. Our bookkeeping services are cost-effective, saving you time and money.

Why choose AMG Bookkeeping Services?

Our experienced bookkeepers can help get your books into shape. We make bookkeeping convenient and can work remotely, or with you at your business premises. Our team of bookkeepers stays up to date with all the latest advances in leading bookkeeping packages and the top Xero add-ons in the marketplace, so we can help you make the best decisions. The AMG team is always on hand if you require ad hoc bookkeeping phone or email support.

AMG Bookkeeping Services include:

  • Ad-hoc Bookkeeping and Administrative Tasks

    Providing ad hoc bookkeeping and administrative tasks.

  • Administrative Procedure

    Providing personalised administrative systems and procedures to help create a greater level of organisation, more efficiency and accountability for everyone in the business.

  • Bank Data Feeds and Rule Setup

    Tailoring bank feeds set up for one or multiple accounts, allowing information from your financial institution to be sent straight to cloud-based accounting software, saving time on data entry.

  • Bank Reconciliations

    Reconciling your bank account, identifying any unusual transactions, inefficiencies and administrative errors, allowing you to compare internal financial records against the records provided by the bank, and evaluate and manage cash flow as your business grows.

  • Bookkeeping and Administration

    Providing confidential, cost effective, comprehensive bookkeeping, tailored payroll, administration support solutions and virtual assistant services.

  • Bookkeeping System Evaluation and Refresh

    Evaluating and refreshing your system to ensure best practice for success, so the system you’re using provides accurate records and meets your reporting requirements.

  • Data Entry

    Delivering fast and accurate data entry so you can better understand the finer points of your business.

  • Electronic Record Management

    AMG provides efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, and disposition of records, including the processes for capturing and maintaining evidence of and information about business activities and transactions.

  • Payroll

    Offering professional, cost effective and accurate payroll processing with comprehensive reporting. We assist with Payslips, PAYG, payroll tax, deductions, direct deposits, super and more.

  • Single Touch Payroll

    As of 1 July 2019, the ATO requires businesses to enter data into their Single Touch Payroll (STP) systems. We can ensure your software is set up to automatically synchronise your payroll data with the ATO’s STP system to keep you compliant without increasing your workload.

  • Software Selection, Implementation and Training

    Helping you choose the right solution and implement and train your team in effective and efficient use of bookkeeping software.

  • Superannuation Guarantee and SuperStream Compliance

    Ensuring accurate superannuation calculation and SuperStream compliance for your business, reducing the amount of time required to verify and potentially correct employee data. If you need SuperStream assistance, AMG can help.

If you’d like to spend less time doing the books and more time working on your business, get in touch with AMG. Engaging AMG’s expert bookkeepers will help you simplify the financial administration of your business.

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